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Last updated February 15th, 2023 by Kevin Broughton, Swimlane

Forty-four percent of security operations (SecOps) managers see more than 5,000 security alerts daily and can realistically only investigate 25 percent or less. Even more challenging, when an alert is received, engineers and analysts are forced to chase down information from disparate tools and systems to respond to the incident. And, while the SecOps team is combing over all the data, a breach could have already happened. 

This is the reality for too many security operations centers (SOCs). Many organizations lack the resources and staff needed to tackle the growing number of alerts, leading to many threats going uninvestigated. 

Tufin helps solve the business challenge

Tufin Orchestration Suite™ automates and orchestrates network security policy changes for improved security and compliance. Because security policy is centralized across heterogeneous and hybrid cloud networks, analysts are not searching for data in different locations to understand if traffic is valid or if they need to respond to an incident. This policy-centric approach to cybersecurity enables visibility across multi-vendor and multi-platform networks, supports zero-touch change automation according to risk profiles to ensure network and application connectivity, and provides continuous compliance. With Tufin Orchestration Suite, security analysts have faster access to the information they need to make better incident response decisions.

SOAR takes things a step further

Security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) combines comprehensive data gathering, case management, standardization, workflow and analytics to provide organizations the ability to implement sophisticated defense-in-depth capabilities. SOAR integrates all processes, people and technologies—such as the Tufin Orchestration Suite™—within an organization’s SOCs to enable SecOps to automate incident response workflows. By doing all of this at machine speeds, SOAR reduces mean time to resolution (MTTR) by automating 80-90 percent of repetitive, manual incident response activities, which significantly increases the number of alerts SecOps teams can respond to. 

How it works:

The Swimlane playbook automatically retrieves policy and topology information from Tufin Orchestration Suite and associates it with the incident. Based on the playbook, a variety of actions are instigated. Swimlane will automatically query and retrieve data. Then the policy and topology information are available for further conditioning testing or sent to an analyst if the event is flagged for further review. The resulting information can be used to identify further points of investigation or identify network elements that will affect the event.

Optimizing the SOCs with Tufin and Swimlane

Integrating Tufin Orchestration Suite with Swimlane’s SOAR solution allows engineers and analysts to:

  • Provide critical network security policy data from Tufin Orchestration Suite to be viewed directly within Swimlane’s case management console. 
  • Execute automated playbooks based on accurate up-to-date network policy data. 
  • Automatically update network security policies within Tufin Orchestration Suite in response to specific threats. 
  • Respond to network threats faster through automated incident response playbooks. 

Most importantly, the Tufin Orchestration Suite-Swimlane integration fosters an adaptive security environment through rapid integration, simple configuration and sharable content. In situations where an automated response is not viable, the integration empowers analysts to make accurate, rapid assessments by accessing Tufin’s network intelligence from directly within Swimlane’s case management console.

Tufin Orchestration Suite and Swimlane together ensure the SOCs are fully optimized, MTTR is reduced, SecOps can increase the response rate to alerts, and analysts have time to hunt for security threats proactively. 

Do you want to learn more? Please click here for more details on the integration of Tufin Orchestration Suite and Swimlane. 


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