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Published February 15th, 2023 by Reuven Harrison

The DevOps movement is picking up speed as an increasing number of organizations realize the many benefits of the DevOps process. Built on the principles of faster software development, collaboration and innovation, why wouldn’t an organization jump on board the DevOps train? A common myth surrounding this trend is the belief that DevOps and security teams lead separate lives, where DevOps teams view security as a nuisance and security teams view DevOps as a risk.

Unless DevOps and security teams break out of their silos and debunk this myth, businesses may face the unintended consequences of DevOps oversights becoming the new data breach.

In the new year, don’t let your DevOps team be the cause of a data breach. DevOps and security teams must break out of their silos and unite. With the right automation tools, DevOps can enable compliance rather than risk it, and security won’t get in the way of the DevOps process.

Read the full article in VMblog.

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