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SecureApp is the first solution that enables organizations to manage network connectivity and security policy from an application perspective. According to network professionals, more than 80% of their time is spent on implementing and troubleshooting application-related changes. With SecureApp, network and application teams can collaboratively deploy, update, monitor and decommission applications and services from the network with ease. By providing insight into an application’s connectivity needs and status, SecureApp helps to accelerate service deployment, assure business continuity and simplify network operations. An integral part of Tufin Orchestration Suite, SecureApp delivers the benefits of network change automation for the application deployment lifecycle.

  • Visibility and control over application connectivity across the entire network
  • Business agility with faster application deployment, migration and decommissioning
  • Better communication between application teams and network security teams
  • Improved business continuity
  • Increased network security

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