Network Segmentation

  • Visibility to better manage network security policies and network segmentation
  • Gap analysis of desired vs. actual network segmentation
  • Real-time alerts on policy violation for continuous compliance and reduced risk
  • Centralized management and control across multiple firewalls and cloud platforms

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The Challenge

Gain Insights and Control over Complex Networks

The growing complexity of enterprise networks dramatically increases the threat landscape. In order to minimize the lateral movement of a cyber attacker, security managers must maintain a good security posture via a well segmented network, protecting the more sensitive assets from the less sensitive assets. Most organizations are currently managing network segmentation by manually tracking firewall and router configurations, or using spreadsheets. However, with intricacies of the network and necessary constant changes, maintaining the desired network segmentation is practically impossible.

The Solution

Tufin Orchestration Suite takes a business process approach to your network which is protected by segmentation based on risk and compliance factors. Tufin allows you to control your actual versus desired network segmentation, highlighting policy violations before a change is made on the network so as not to break compliance or expose the network to unnecessary risk.

Tufin’s solution for network segmentation enables enterprises to:

  • Visualize and manage network segmentation using Tufin’s Security Zone Matrix
  • Centrally alert on policy violations with drill down root cause analysis across the network for immediate remediation or allow for an interim exception to policy
  • Maintain the desired network segmentation by automatically analyzing every network change request against the corporate security policies during the change process for continuous compliance and risk management
  • Centrally manage the exception life cycle – why it was allowed, who approved it, expiration date for re-certification and more
network segmentation tool from Tufin

Manage network segmentation using the Security Zone Matrix