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The Challenge

MSPs handle particularly sensitive client data as information ranges from business operations data to private personal data, like financial information and social security numbers. This puts them at a heightened risk for serious attacks. There are several factors involved in the evolving recognition of the need for increased security within the MSP industry. First of all, we have a massive network of small to midsized businesses – most of which rely on MSPs to protect their data, network, employees and customers from cybercrime.

When you also consider the fact that today there are so many devices in existence that MSPs are responsible for protecting, things get more complicated. In the same vein, enterprises are more frequently implementing BYOD programs, adding more devices to the network for MSPs to keep track of and secure. With the increasingly global (and mobile) environment of today’s business practices, MSPs are deploying security solutions that must reach remote locations, covering all devices – with this, the network perimeter has become much more difficult to secure.