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The Challenge

Government agencies hold a large amount of sensitive data from a wide variety of sources that are appealing to cyber criminals. So, it’s absolutely necessary that they put the proper precautions in place to prevent attacks. A key problem, however, is that though there may be fewer breaches, there is much more data available to steal if a hacker is to break in. In 2014, about 1.73M data records containing financial or Social Security information were compromised in government data breaches—3 times more than the year before.

Criminals used stolen data to gain access to past I.R.S. tax returnsGovernments across the globe are undergoing change in their data centers, and virtualizing more services in their networks, making it much more complex than before. With the rise of virtualization and software defined data centers (SDDCs), comes a clear need to put in place more stringent policies in an effort to minimize risk automatically.