Firewall/Network Administrator

  • Dramatically reduces manual, repetitive, error-prone tasks
  • Optimizes firewall and router performance
  • Improves network security and reduces risk
  • Proactively enforces corporate security policies
  • Assures business continuity and application availability
  • Delivers continuous compliance with regulatory standards
The Challenge

Managing network security for today’s enterprise has become a complex, resource-intensive operation involving tens – or even hundreds – of firewalls, routers and switches. Security teams handle dozens of configuration changes every day to network devices that are often located at distributed sites and maintained by multiple teams.

While the business demands network access, it is up to security teams to enforce corporate policy and demonstrate compliance with regulatory standards. Preparing for a security audit can take days and keep experts tied up with mundane, repetitive tasks. At a time when budgets are shrinking, the capabilities of security teams are often stretched to the limit.

To successfully align day-to-day operations with security objectives, companies need complete visibility into security policy implementation across the organization – as well as the necessary tools to automate and manage the security lifecycle efficiently.

The Solution

Tufin provides Firewall Administrators and other members of the security team with a wealth of tools that enhance security, decrease risk, and provide an entirely new level of convenience and efficiency.

We offers a comprehensive solution for the enterprise that enables you to implement, manage and audit security policies faster, more easily, and more accurately than ever before. Tufin Orchestration Suite eliminates repetitive, manual work so that you can focus on strategic tasks. It gives you all the tools you need in order to monitor, analyze, configure and audit your firewalls painlessly.