Automate network visibility and provisioning

Reduce the complexity of identifying and managing your ever-growing policy configurations to improve efficiency, productivity, and compliance.

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Faster application deployment while reducing human error

Existing manual approaches to network and security operations are too slow and error-prone to be effective in today's environment. Increasing complexity means more changes across more platforms need to be implemented faster and with the same staff.

Tufin is the leading network security policy automation solution, offering the most comprehensive set of automated firewall management processes that free up valuable IT resources to focus on higher value tasks.

Tufin customers increase productivity and efficiency while improving network security by relying on accurate change planning and comprehensive vendor support for automated deployment.

The Management team is very satisfied with Tufin. There are fewer complaints that the change process is too slow, and it provides an overview of the growing number of changes, the degree of complexity of the changes, and the bottlenecks in the process.
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Automated Intelligence

Manage the complexity of your ever-growing policy configurations with a real-time topology map of your network, visibility into which rules are implemented and which meet or violate your standards, and zero-touch deployment.

Gain visibility of your topology and network paths to proactively analyze risks

Gain visibility across the entire network security, control topology, including application dependencies, to ensure changes adhere to corporate security mandates.  Automated, real-time network knowledge to help minimize your attack surface.

Tufin’s interactive topology map enables running path analysis across vendors to troubleshoot connectivity

Centralize security policy management

With a centralized, unified security policy, all rules across the network can be compared to your corporate standards to automate adherence. Gain knowledge of which rules are implemented, and which meet or do not meet your standards.

Automate provisioning

Semi-manual to fully automated (zero-touch) provisioning that adheres to your security policies. Network and security teams who use Tufin are able to significantly reduce the time and effort they spend on network access changes and firewall management tasks, allowing them to devote resources to more strategic projects.