Creating a More Diverse Cybersecurity Workforce: A Women's View.

Listen as Ruth Gomel-Kafri, Tufin’s director of product design, talks about her own experience as a woman in cybersecurity, provides tips for women entering the industry, and discusses what it’s like working at a cybersecurity company with a diverse workforce.

Ruth was recently featured on this Cyberspeak podcast because of her position in the cybersecurity field which is notoriously devoid of female representation.  Most remarkable for the industry is that women at Tufin account for 38% of the company’s R&D team and 34% of the Q&A department. When you compare those numbers to a Frost and Sullivan report that women comprise just 14% of the cybersecurity workforce in North America, only 7% in Europe, and a mere 5% in the Middle East, it’s clear there is work to be done to get more women to enter the cybersecurity field.  

Listen now.

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