Industry Will See Accelerated Shift within Enterprises towards Cloud and software defined Platforms and Cyber-fighting Expertise will be a Must in 2016

Tufin®, the market-leading provider of Security Policy Orchestration solutions, today announces its IT and Cybersecurity industry predictions as the company looks ahead to 2016. As he examines the outlook for enterprises in the year ahead, Reuven Harrison, CTO of Tufin, expects a continued rise in cloud and software defined security and automation as well as the emergence of the enterprise cyber-fighters team.

Enterprises will accelerate their shift towards cloud and software defined platforms

As this shift picks up steam amongst enterprise organizations, security and network teams will need to adopt new methodologies and architectures for the heterogeneous platforms. Related expertise will be in high demand throughout 2016, creating opportunities for security professionals to develop new skills and expand their role in the organization.

Cloud security will continue to evolve and replace more traditional on-premise security architectures

Cloud vendors are investing heavily in security innovation. As a result, security is becoming “cloudified,” meaning it is now being orchestrated, automated and embedded into the cloud platforms. While cloud technology will eventually make things easier and more cost efficient, in the short term it will actually have the opposite effect as overlapping technologies coexist side by side.

Enterprises will not abandon their on-premise infrastructure and practices. This will result in greater heterogeneity and complexity, putting pressure on the security teams that are already shrinking due to automation and outsourcing.

Security operations will be automated but advanced attacks will require cyber-fighters

Many of the security operations tasks that have been traditionally manual will continue to be automated, especially routine tasks such as change automation, policy enforcement and compliance. However, the more sophisticated cyber activities such as attack detection and prevention will remain manual. The complexity of today’s advanced attacks supersedes the capacity of any automated tools, and will need to be handled by a dedicated team of skilled cyber-fighters.

“We’re entering uncharted territory as an industry in 2016, and I believe that the disruption that began in 2015 will truly pick up steam. While the enterprise’s move to the cloud is taking longer than many had originally anticipated, I fully expect a massive adoption rate over the next year as organizations overcome regulatory hurdles,” added Harrison. “Today’s companies are facing a great deal of pressure to reduce costs despite evolving and growing cybersecurity risks, and by implementing cloud security and moving to SDN in 2016, they should experience long term financial and operational benefits that far outweigh the short term growing pains that come with implementing new technologies.

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