Microsoft Azure向けセキュリティポリシーの組織化(Orchestration)

Tufinのソフトウェアソリューションは、Microsoft Azureインスタンスのファイアウォールセキュリティポリシーを一元化し、単一のコンソールで可視化します。


Tufin Orchestration Suiteは、オンプレミスのデータセンターや他のクラウドプラットフォームと並んで、Microsoft AzureのVNets、ネットワークセキュリティグループ、(VM)インスタンスのファイアウォールセキュリティポリシーを一元管理します。これは、オンプレミス環境とVNets間、および企業全体のVNets間の基幹から末端へと流れる通信の完全な可視化とトポロジー分析を単一のコンソールで実現するためです。

オンプレミス環境をAzure環境に接続するには、複数の選択肢があります。Tufinは、ExpressRoute、VNet Peering、IPSEC VPN、サードパーティ製ファイアウォールの4つの最も一般的な接続構成オプションをサポートしており、正確なトポロジーマップに基づいて、トラフィックシミュレーションクエリ、分析、接続問題のトラブルシューティングを行うことができます。これにより、可視性が向上し、マルチベンダーで分断されたネットワークを一つにまとめて効率的に管理・制御することが可能になります。


Go to Tufin Knowledge Center for supported devices, platforms and version numbers.

Network and app-level visibility into all Azure assets, services, and security controls
Automated policy design and deployment
Unified dashboard to ID risk across all clouds and enviros
Abstracting multiple control planes for holistic security posture management

Gain network and app-level visibility into all Azure assets, services, and security controls

Automatically design and deploy policies

Identify risk across all clouds and environments with a vendor-agnostic unified dashboard

Abstract multiple control planes for holistic security posture management

Automate and simplify your Microsoft Azure Firewall policy management

Tufin ensures you can enforce policy-driven, unified security across Azure and your entire on-premise and cloud environments. With full, real-time visibility, Tufin creates automated audit trails and visualizes network topology for automated, secure network security management across all your Azure Firewall Policies.

Using Tufin’s Advanced Policy search, policy cleanup (unnecessary and risky rules) and optimization is made simple and ensures a constant state of audit readiness, with full network visibility and Centralize security policy management.

Tufin’s centralized end-to-end visibility reduces the time and resources required for network troubleshooting in a hybrid network whilst simultaneously reducing the attack surface by gaining visibility into overly permissive rules of Azure Firewall policies

Automated audit trails

An automated audit trail tracks changes made to your firewall security policy. Tufin enables you to compare policy versions side by side and identify relevant changes quickly.

Network topology visualization

Access a live, accurate network topology maps of your Azure environment that visualizes how traffic flows according to routing and network configuration, and whether a security configuration blocks or allows access.

Tufin’s Interactive Topology Map, highlights connectivity issues across different Azure security policies including Azure Firewalls, Network Virtual Appliances and Network Security Groups, allowing DevOps and Netsec teams to collaborate more effectively.

Keep your DevOps up to speed

Tufin plus Azure Firewall enables DevOps and DevSecOps teams to enforce global policy requirements and simultaneously apply local policies.

Simple Azure virtual network policy management

Azure is a fully stateful, cloud-native firewall service that protects your digital assets. With unrestricted cloud scalability, Azure Firewall helps you build, enforce, and track application and network security policies.

Tufin seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Azure Firewall to efficiently enforce and design security policies that illuminates the gaps between your intended segmentation and reality.



What are Azure Firewall’s top features?

Innate availability

No load balancers or complicated configuration.

Unrestricted scalability

Scale without restrictions to adjust as network traffic fluctuates.

Application rules

Limit outbound HTTP/S traffic to designated fully qualified domain names (FQDN), inclusive of wild cards.

Network traffic filtering rules

Allow or deny network rules in a central control plane. Filter by IP address, port, and protocol. Easily set up a network rule that allows access to external DNS servers.

Fully stateful

Azure Firewall can distinguish legitimate packets across multiple connection types. Enforce and log rules across your subscriptions and virtual networks.

Inbound and outbound traffic support

Azure Firewall translates outbound virtual network traffic IP addresses into Azure Firewall public IP addresses. Inbound network traffic to your public IP address gets filtered to your virtual network private IP addresses.

Control network access on Azure subnets

Configure a customized chain of firewall rules that enable you to send select traffic through additional processing.

What is Azure Firewall Premium used for?

Creating virtual machines

Set up Azure VMs to create a cluster or add it as a node to an existing cluster.

Enhanced cloud security

Use Azure Firewall Premium for advanced threat intelligence and protection, especially for industries subject to intense compliance scrutiny.

Discovering intrusions

Azure Firewall Premium includes a network intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS) so you can monitor threats and log and blog malicious activity.

URL filtering

Enhance Azure Firewall Standard’s FQDN filtering and consider filtering entire URLs as well as supplementary paths.

Manage rule collections

Work with and adjust rule collection processing. Azure Firewall has three preset rule collection groups:

  • Default DNAT rule groups

  • Default Network rule groups

  • Default application rule groups

Define priority order and create customer rule collection groups to ensure safety across cloud-based services and your Azure application.

Configure SQL database IP firewalls

Set, manage, and adjust server-level firewall rules.

Connect other Azure services

Set up firewall rules across your Azure services to ensure widespread security.

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