Amazon Web Service

多くの企業がAmazon Web Services(AWS)上で新しいアプリケーションをホストしたり、既存のアプリケーションを移行したりしていますが、AWSでのセキュリティポリシーの定義と実施については、未解決の問題があります。

Tufin Orchestration Suiteは、Amazon VPC、セキュリティグループ、インスタンスを、オンプレミスのデータセンターや他のクラウドプラットフォームと並行して、エンドツーエンドでポリシーベースの変更を自動化する集中管理を実現し、単一のコンソールを使用して企業全体を完全に可視化します。


Swiftly design and deploy security policies based upon approved North/South and East/West traffic

Real-time alerting for any access and connectivity violations across all cloud workloads

Automatically verify service builds against security policies within CI/CD automation pipelines (CloudFormation, Terraform, Ansible, etc.)

Automate change management for Amazon (AWS) network firewalls, 3rd party firewalls, and security groups

Leverage service-level visibility into EKS clusters, traffic, and security configurations with automated network security policy generation (YAML)

Network and app-level visibility into all AWS assets, services, and security controls
Automated policy design and deployment
Unified dashboard to ID risk across on-prem and cloud
Service and cluster-level visibility into all EKS assets, services, and security controls

Streamlined management of your AWS and EKS native security controls

Change management automation for AWS network firewalls and Security Groups

SaaS solution with no agents or sidecars

One security policy orchestration and automation engine for AWS and the rest of your hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure

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