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The Challenge

Digital transformation, the cloud, and the advent of DevOps, speed up business and drive innovation, but for network and security operations teams, it means a significant increase in their workload. The resultant increase in change requests span complex multi-vendor, multi-technology, and hybrid cloud environments. With limited resources and manual processes, it is difficult for IT organizations to keep up with demand and document change. This means that changes take too long, the business is unhappy, and mistakes and misconfigurations that can lead to downtime or a breach are commonplace.

Manual, slow change processes result in:

  • Uncontrolled and undocumented change processes
  • Increased cybersecurity risk
  • Mistakes and misconfigurations
  • Unused, overly-permissive, shadowed and redundant rules
  • Long and lengthy audit preparation
  • Challenges in meeting internal and external compliance mandates
  • An inability to keep pace with the speed of the business

The Solution

Policy-centric network security change automation

To keep up with change demands, security mandates, and industry compliance requirements, organizations must turn to automation. Tufin Orchestration Suite takes a policy-centric approach to security by automating firewall, policy and application changes with centralized management across heterogeneous hybrid IT infrastructure, enabling organizations to:

  • Implement network changes in minutes instead of days
    • Proactively analyze risk to avoid security and compliance violations
    • Eliminate human error
    • Customize flexible workflows for full integration with enterprise ITSM
    • Increase control with a single console that unifies all leading enterprise platforms; traditional networks and firewalls, SDN and cloud platforms
    • Automate provisioning and orchestrate end-to-end change processes for multi-vendor environments (e.g., AWS, Check Point, Cisco, VMware NSX, Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, Juniper and Forcepoint)
    • Improve audit readiness with fully documented audit trail
    • Ensure continuous compliance by proactively identifying and resolving policy violations

Network Security Change Automation best practices enhance agility, increase productivity and reduce the attack surface. Tufin offers a path to success with the Tufin Automation Journey that starts with automating small tasks and builds to complete zero touch automation.

The Tufin Automation Journey includes:

  1. Firewall Cleanup Automation
    • Automatically cleanup unused, redundant, shadowed, and overly permissive rules
    • Automatically perform server decommissioning and delete all associated rules
    • Automate the management of network object groups
  2. Policy-Based Automation of requested network access
  3. Application-Driven Automation for better alignment with the business


  • Simplify and automate network changes for heterogeneous environments physical and cloud
  • Rapidly implement network changes in minutes
  • Visibility across the entire network security-control topology including application dependencies
  • Automatic audit trail for easy audit preparation and troubleshooting
  • Security as part of the enterprise ITSM process
  • Centralized management for a wide variety of different vendors
  • Ensure security and compliance with built-in security controls