network security risk management

The Challenge

Continuous Risk Assessment

Business continuity and breach prevention is dependent on an organization’s ability to continuously assess their risk.

In today's complex, multi-vendor, hybrid networks, it is an enormous challenge to understand network configurations and the impact of changes before implementation, whether it is a firewall configuration, security group modification, or a cloud security tag. Keeping up with the amount of change requests without knowledge of your network topology results in organizations that are blind to vulnerabilities and unable to demonstrate compliance with internal and external regulations.

Security policy orchestration plays a central role in the risk assessment process to retain complete visibility, improve security, and enable a demonstrable state of continuous compliance.

The Solution

A Rich Solution for Risk Analysis

Tufin Orchestration Suite enables the enterprise to understand overall risk posture with drill down capabilities to investigate security gaps. In addition, any change request to network and firewall configurations, cloud security groups or tags is proactively assessed for risk before implementation.

To continuously manage risk and ensure business continuity, Tufin Orchestration Suite offers powerful capabilities:

  • Unified Security Policy (USP)
    • Visualize your network segmentation policy with a zone-to-zone matrix that maps access restrictions to reduce the attack surface.
    • Define access restrictions across cloud security groups and provide a baseline for tagging policy
    • Automatically identify policy violations across multiple vendors and platforms
    • Control risk, through centralized management and monitoring of policy violations and exceptions
    • Use pre-defined templates to define and enforce a unified security policy
  • Proactive risk analysis
    • Compare the requested access to the pre-defined security policy baseline to identify and control potential violations.
    • Reduce audit preparation time and effort and provide continuous compliance with internal policies and industry regulations
  • Violations Dashboard
    • Gain a centralized view of all violations based on level of criticality, such as rule, traffic, internal policy and regulatory compliance