Tufin as a Service for MSSPs

Security Policy Orchestration via a Consumption-Based Model

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Tufin as a Service enables MSSPs to offer a higher level of security services to customers without adding additional staff through a unique blend of capabilities that specifically address your customers operational challenges with maximum flexibility.

    Tufin as a Service includes:

    • Consumption-based pay-per-use model
    • Native multi-tenancy solution
    • Intuitive, MSSP dashboard provides full visibility of usage and costs for easy administration
    • Premium level support and GTM assistance
    • Free online training designed specifically for MSSPs
    • White label reports to share with your customers


    Why work with Tufin?

    • Proven, industry-leader in network security policy orchestration for enterprise cybersecurity
    • Scalable, distributed architecture with support for the widest range of firewalls, routers and devices
    • Reduce manual efforts associated with managing your customers heterogeneous firewall environment
    • Market-leading automation that includes firewall cleanup and risk analysis


    What can you do differently with Tufin as a Service?

    Firewall cleanup: reduce the attack surface and decrease risk

    • Unused rules and objects
    • Shadowed rules
    • Risky rules
    • Rule and server decommissioning

    Firewall and policy optimization: provide greater efficiency and improved performance

    • Set rule order by frequency used (most used rules on top)
    • Tighten security on rules and policies
    • Automated rule and object provisioning

    Compliance: track and report on internal and external mandates

    • Set base compliance
    • Automated documentation for change tracking

    Rule recertification: set automatic recertification workflows

    • Set a date for rules to be recertified to meet compliance

    Network segmentation: isolate critical assets from threats

    • Segment the network with a zone to zone matrix
    • Isolate critical assets to protect against known and unknown vulnerabilities
    • Easily troubleshoot connectivity