Moving to the cloud

The Challenge

Cloud technologies are no longer the wave of the future. They’re here. The majority of enterprises have already adopted private, public and hybrid cloud technologies. However, these new platforms can compromise network security by increasing attack surface, exposing the business to cyber threats. Therefore, security experts need to implement proper processes and methods when moving to the cloud.

The Network Security Challenges of Moving to the Cloud

Partial or no visibility:

  • Into cloud platforms and across the hybrid network
  • Inability to troubleshoot connectivity failures across environments

Limited control over security and compliance:

  • Audit preparation in cloud environments
  • No way to enforce a unified policy across a hybrid network

Agility is compromising security

  • Automate risk analysis to avoid delays to delivery
  • Orchestrate connectivity across the hybrid network from a single console


The Solution

Tufin Orchestration Suite – Unified Security Management across Hybrid Cloud & Physical Networks

Manage and Control Enterprise Security from a Single Pane of Glass

Tufin Orchestration Suite manages physical devices and next-generation firewalls deployed on premise, alongside security groups and instances of your chosen hybrid cloud service providers, such as VMWare NSX, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Cisco ACI and OpenStack. Tufin enables simple management of security policies, and ensures consistent security and compliance across the entire enterprise using a single console.

Gain Security Visibility Across Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds

Cloud environments are dynamic with limited security visibility. Tufin tracks changes to security groups and instances automatically, it also applies advanced topology and analysis tools to help understand the network and plan changes. Tufin also supports a topology map simulation for deployments of AWS direct connect, allowing connectivity visualization and troubleshooting across AWS and the on-prem network. With Tufin, you gain full visibility across your entire network – serving application connectivity needs down to the infrastructure layer.

Continuous Compliance and Audit Readiness

Tufin creates an automated audit trail of all instances, security groups, and firewall changes made in your heterogeneous environment. Using Tufin, you can ensure real-time compliance monitoring, analysis, and alerts for PCI DSS, SOX, and other regulations across your on-premise and hybrid cloud vendors and platforms.

Improve Security With Enterprise Unified Security Policy

Using Tufin’s Unified Security Policy (USP), you can easily visualize your enterprise micro-segmentation, and ensure adherence of ongoing network changes with your enterprise policy, independent of the underlying network or cloud environment. This automated capability enables you to regain control of secured micro-segmentation across the entire enterprise, while avoiding slowing down the business. Tufin’s USP allows defining and enforcing a central security baseline based on network zones and/or based on cloud security groups to accommodate the hybrid network.

Enable Network Connectivity of Business Applications – Anywhere

Tufin’s Application Connectivity layer employs an application-centric approach, which is independent of the underlying infrastructure. It enables to discover business critical applications connectivity, monitor and troubleshoot their ongoing network connectivity. When a business application is transferred from a physical to a cloud infrastructure, Tufin identifies the changes needed to the physical firewalls–reducing the attack surface–and the new setting needed to the cloud security groups, and assists with a smooth and automated configuration. Security is maintained with business context, this ensures ongoing business continuity of critical applications, independent of the underlying network or cloud environment.


  • Manages and controls enterprise security from a single pane of glass — for physical devices and next-generation firewalls deployed on-premise, alongside security groups and hybrid cloud platforms
  • Enables simplified management of security policies
  • Ensures consistent security and compliance across the entire enterprise using a single console