Cloud-native security

Automate network security checks into the CI/CD pipeline for early detection and fast remediation, and continuous compliance without halting development efforts.

Cloud-native application security

Automate network security checks into the CI/CD pipeline for early detection, fast remediation, and continuous compliance without halting agile development efforts.

DevOps practices shift operations and security decisions to DevOps teams. Decisions regarding workload inbound/outbound connections or open/close ports are now made by DevOps personnel who are neither network nor security experts. Lack of microsegmentation within Kubernetes clusters and across cloud optimized applications leave containers and entire applications exposed to threats and vulnerabilities. Policy security best practices should be simplified and automated into the DevOps CI/CD pipeline to make it easy for teams to test and fix security issues early on.

Continuous security policy compliance for early detection and fast remediation without halting development efforts 

Benefits of using Tufin

Tufin enables full lifecycle security by embedding security into DevOps CI/CD pipelines - balancing agility and security without disrupting developer productivity. Tufin ensures cloud-native applications stay within the guardrails and policies defined by security teams. The Tufin Policy Generator analyzes and automatically recommends workload policies based on actual traffic, workload properties and more, for early validation, then applies the necessary policies to the workloads in production.

Integrate network security into the CI/CD pipeline

Self-service tool for developers to test their workloads against an organization’s network security policies, for fast risk mitigation during build.

Generate context-based policies and impact analysis

Automatically recommend and apply network security policies based on workload metadata and activity. Policies are vetted and approved at the staging phase, and automatically applied to workloads in runtime.

Foster Collaboration

Policies are created in natural language, and translated into network security checks. Results are provided to developers with actionable remediation information on detected risks, making it easy for DevSecOps collaboration.

Securing Containerized Workloads with Tufin SecureCloud

With SecureCloud, Tufin strongly supports cloud-native controls to ensure DevSecOps teams are getting the maximum value from their Kubernetes investment. Learn more in this white paper.