Private & Public Cloud Security.

Cloud adoption is a given. In fact the majority of organizations are in the process of adopting more than one cloud platform. Together with great benefits cloud adoption also introduces some challenges. The report ESG Research Spotlight: Cloud Computing and Network Security Operations Transformation finds that CISOs and their teams struggle with right policies and processes to keep up with deployments of a myriad of cloud technologies. 62% of survey respondents said it is difficult to get the same level of visibility into cloud-based workloads as in their physical network, and 56% said it was difficult to audit network security controls in the cloud.

One of the primary challenges of cloud adoption is the growing complexity of managing security policies across a hybrid network, consisting of physical firewalls and routers, private and public cloud platforms. Even those solutions that offer better visibility and control for specific cloud platforms do not bridge the gap between on-premises and cloud security, and security teams find themselves having to use multiple tools to prepare for an audit, or to define and enforce a unified security policy for the organization.

The adoption of public and private cloud platforms presents several security challenges:

  • Partial or no visibility:
    • Into cloud platforms and across the hybrid network
    • Inability to troubleshoot connectivity failures across environments
  • Limited control over security and compliance:
    • Audit preparation in cloud environments
    • No way to enforce a unified policy across a hybrid network
  • Agility is compromising security
    • Automate risk analysis to avoid delays to delivery
    • Orchestrate connectivity across the hybrid network from a single console

Tufin Orchestration Suite helps address the security challenges of the hybrid network by managing and controlling security policies from a single pane of glass — for physical firewalls and routers, private cloud and SDN platforms, and public cloud platforms. Tufin enables simplified, unified management of firewall rules and security groups, and ensures consistent security and compliance across the entire enterprise using a single console. Read more at Moving to the Cloud.

Manages and controls enterprise security from a single pane of glass — for physical devices and next-generation firewalls deployed on-premise, alongside security groups and  hybrid cloud platforms
Enables simplified management of security policies
Ensures consistent security and compliance across the entire enterprise using a single console