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The Challenge

Researchers in recent years have determined that the Higher Education sector is one of the most vulnerable to information security attacks, some citing that a whopping 35% of all data breaches took place in higher education in 2014. Why? Colleges and Universities host a wealth of information mostly on open networks – from SS numbers to payment information to your middle name – you want it, your college has it. A key issue surrounding this growing problem is the security – or lack thereof – of these institution’s networks.

With increased use of mobile and BYOD for faculty and staff combined with more and more student-owned personal devices taking over the network, there is a clear need for more stringent policies and management of these policies before the network becomes a tangled web of insecure data. Alongside the policies, there is a need for better security processes as the response time for the existing security policies to take effect is drastically elongated with out-of-date processes.