Shifting Cloud Security from Speedbump to Digital Accelerator .

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Watch this webinar to learn three best practices that will help you secure your journey to the cloud. Find out how making policies accessible and adaptable, and processes automated, will help ensure security teams and developers collaborate – shifting security from a speedbump to a digital accelerator.

Information Week Webinar

Survival in today’s economy requires businesses to innovate at unprecedented speed to become more responsive to markets and competitors. Application teams are achieving greater agility by leveraging public clouds, containers and Kubernetes. However, agility often comes at the expense of security. If developers operate or make changes at full speed without security keeping the same pace, they risk leaving gaps in the environment that attackers can exploit. But developers fear that engaging with their security teams will result in application delivery delays and possibly risk slowing down the business. Fortunately, these can be issues of the past as we adopt new processes and technologies that allow agile and secure to co-exist.

Shifting Cloud Security from Speedbump to Digital Accelerator