The Word is Out – Tufin is the Place to Be

Steady growth since our founding over a decade ago is an indication of strong financial performance and excellent teamwork. Tufin is simply a great place to work. Just ask our employees. A significant number of our new hires are referred by existing employees.

Come join a great company with a genuinely great culture. Grow personally and professionally along with us. Check out our open positions and learn more about why Tufin should be your next career step.

Tufin – the Leaders in Security Policy Orchestration

Why Tufin?


Open atmosphere.
Opportunities for career growth.


Cyber security is hot.
Work with cutting-edge technologies.

Financial Stability

Steady growth, 40% in 2014.
Over 1,700 worldwide customers.

Great Mentors

Company culture of knowledge-sharing.
Learn from leading tech experts.


Tufinnovate™ hackathon events.
Quest for new ideas & technologies.

Make a Difference

Whatever your passion, your inspiration is welcome.
Interact with global customers and partners.

Why Tufin – The People

Meet some of our employees and learn more about why Tufin is the place to grow your career.

  • Chad-emp-photo

    Chad Marti

    Here at Tufin we operate day to day in a very relaxed family-like environment.  We recognize good talent when we have it and do our best to keep and help those individuals grow in their careers.  It’s a great place to further your career or to even start a new one.

    Chad joined Tufin as an Americas Technical Services Manager in 2008.
    He is now the Director of Technical Services, Americas.
  • Amanda-emp-photo

    Amanda Levin

    Tufin is a company that TRULY invests in its people. In my 5 years here, I’ve witnessed many occasions where upper management has gone out of its way to care for the personal and professional welfare of individual employees. The result is a family-like atmosphere – filled with understanding, teamwork and lots of fun.

    Amanda joined Tufin as the Director of Marketing Communications in 2010.
    She is now the Director of Marketing, Americas.
  • rick-emp-photo

    Rick Rutledge

    Working at Tufin has been a rewarding experience in many ways for me.  I’ve expanded my technical knowledge across the industry and learned a lot of new technologies.  Working with new customers across every vertical has given me the opportunity to help them solve a multitude of problems from different angles.  The people here are great to work with and very helpful.

    Rick joined Tufin as an Americas Technical Support Engineer in 2010. He later became a Sales Engineer.
    He is now a Senior Security Engineer in the Sales organization.
  • henry-emp-photo

    Henry Pea

    Tufin is an innovative company. It is constantly exploring which opportunities exist now and are likely to emerge in the future, developing ideas and products to meet these demands. This motivates the employees and makes the job exciting. The family-like culture also makes the company a fun and warm place to work.

    Henry joined Tufin as an Asia Pacific (APAC) Sales Engineer in 2012.
  • Frederick-Nachle-emp-photo

    Frederic Nakhle

    At Tufin every employee can suggest new ideas and improvements for products and internal processes. And if you’d  like to change your job position, you can follow an internal process for a new role and present your strategy. The good thing is that everyone has an equal chance. It’s a people-oriented company.

    Frederic joined Tufin as a Pre-Sales Engineer in 2012.
    He is now the EMEA Director of Sales Engineering.
  • carmit-emp-photo

    Carmit Admoni Lin

    Tufin’s company culture is people-oriented and innovative. Such an open environment allows you to develop and advance within the organization–to fully realize your potential both professionally and personally. It’s been exciting and a privilege for me to be part of a successful company that treats its employees and partners with respect and dignity.

    Carmit joined Tufin as an Administration Manager in 2007.
    She is now VP Finance.
  • vivien-emp-photo

    Vivien Goldman

    Tufin offers a great atmosphere with a supportive and understanding management team. I enjoy coming to work and the opportunity to grow professionally — and all this with many colleagues I can also laugh with :).

    Vivien joined Tufin as an Administrative Assistant in 2011.
    She is now a Sales Operations Specialist.
  • Yaniv Zadok

    Yaniv Zadok

    Tufin has a great atmosphere, unlike any of my previous workplaces. Everyone here is kind and eager to help others. There’s a sense of closeness between the people here and it just a great place to work in. The work itself is very interesting, challenging and enables maximizing one’s personal abilities.

    Yaniv joined Tufin as a QA Engineer in 2012.
    He is now an Product Designer in the R&D System Architecture group.
  • ruth-gomel-kafri-photo

    Ruth Gomel Kafri

    Tufin is a great place to work — a company that values people, honesty, teamwork and fun. It is a company in the most positive sense of its meaning.

    Ruth joined Tufin as a QA Team Leader in 2007. She later performed the role of R&D Project Manager.
    She is now a Product Manager.
  • Ohad Geblinger

    Ohad Gablinger

    There is a supportive, can-do atmosphere, people are capable and motivated. The people, the culture, and the dynamic environment all make coming to work every day a fun routine.

    Ohad joined Tufin as an Information Systems Manager in 2011.
    He is now the Director of IT & Systems, responsible for both IT and Information Systems.
  • Roi Alon

    Roi Alon

    Tufin is a company with great people; you get to meet highly professional individuals. When you are dealing with a challenge – you can always count on others to help you, even if you don’t ask! You get exposure to many different technologies that are in the “hottest” domains in the industry.

    Roi joined Tufin as a QA Engineer in 2013.
    He is now a Product Engineer.

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