Security Officers

Tufin provides Chief Security Officers and senior IT staff with the ability to instantly assess firewall security posture, while increasing overall security, reducing risk, and streamlining firewall operations.

Benefits of Tufin for CSO/CISOs:

  • Cuts manual, repetitive work, enabling experts to focus on security
  • Optimizes firewall performance to reduce infrastructure costs
  • Improves network security and reduces risk
  • Proactively enforces corporate security policies
  • Assures business continuity and application availability
  • Delivers continuous compliance with regulatory standards


The Challenge of Managing Firewall Operations

Managing network security for today's enterprise has become a complex, resource-intensive operation involving tens - or even hundreds - of firewalls, routers and switches. Security teams handle dozens of configuration changes every day to network devices that are often located at distributed sites and maintained by multiple teams. Despite all of this complexity, senior management needs an accurate picture of the organization's security posture at all times.

The cost of firewall operations is spiraling upwards. While the business demands network access for applications and users, firewall teams must field dozens of configuration change requests every day. Preparing for a security audit can take days and keep experts tied up with mundane, repetitive tasks. At a time when budgets are shrinking, the capabilities of security teams are often stretched to the limit.

To successfully align day-to-day operations with security objectives, CSOs need complete visibility into security policy implementation and compliance with regulations. They need a new way to make teams more efficient and to proactively reduce risk.

Tufin Security Suite for CSO/CISOs

Tufin offers a comprehensive solution that enables enterprises to implement, manage and audit security policies faster, more easily, and more accurately than ever before. Tufin Security Suite eliminates repetitive, manual work so that firewall experts can focus on strategic tasks. It gives senior management clear visibility, higher security, and continuous compliance with regulations.

Learn more about Tufin products for CSO/CISOs:

  • Tufin SecureTrack™: Assess and fix risks, track and manage changes, and generate instant audit reports
  • Tufin SecureChange™: Automate change workflows from request through implementation and verification
  • Tufin SecureApp™: Manage security policies top-down, from the application perspective.;