Managing Next Generation Firewalls

Next Generation firewalls are a strategic imperative for many organizations. To fully leverage your investment in next generation firewalls, you need a next generation management solution. Tufin's solution for Next Generation Firewalls enables companies to:

  • Monitor and track every change to policy configuration in real time
  • Maintain a complete audit trail with full accountability
  • Check every change for risk and compliance and receive alerts
  • Analyze risks before change implementation
  • Automate the entire change workflow to enforce corporate policies
  • Clean up and optimize firewall policies
  • Continuously comply with standards
  • Painlessly and successfully pass audits


Tufin Security Suite for Next Generation Firewalls

Tufin Security Suite provides security teams with seamless, comprehensive operations management and auditing capabilities for both next-generation and network-layer firewalls. With Tufin, it is far easier to manage next-generation firewalls and to meet auditing and compliance requirements.

Tufin Security Suite lets you identify firewall policy rules according to advanced, application-layer classification technology in a wide variety of views and reports including corporate compliance, PCI DSS, and security risk reports. Tufin Security Suite also enables you to analyze and report on firewalls using next-generation application and user objects in addition to conventional "source, destination, service." You can define both multi-dimensional queries and compliance policies and reports according to user and application.

Learn more about Tufin products for next generation firewalls:

  • Tufin SecureTrack™: Simulate and assess change impact, track and record all changes, receive compliance alerts in real time, and generate instant audit reports
  • Tufin SecureChange™: Automate change workflows from request through implementation and verification to enforce corporate policies
  • Tufin SecureApp™: Manage security policies top-down, from the application perspective.;