Business Continuity Management for Firewall Policies

Business Continuity management is an essential part of network security. Every day, network security teams make configuration decisions that determine whether business will be enabled - or accidentally disrupted. Tufin's automated Business Continuity Management Solution enables companies to:

  • Simulate, assess and analyze risks before change implementation
  • Monitor and track every single change to policy configuration in real time
  • Check every change for compliance with corporate policies
  • Receive alerts on every risky change
  • Maintain a complete audit trail with full accountability
  • Automate the entire change workflow to enforce proactive risk analysis
  • Demonstrate compliance with regulatory standards


Managing Business Continuity in a Dynamic Network Environment

Network configuration is a delicate balance between stopping business and ensuring it.  Firewall security policies are designed to allow only the access that is required for business, and to deny any access that could be misused or abused. Over the years, networks have become extremely complex, involving a mix of vendors, devices and teams. Maintaining the necessary balance between security and business is now a lot like walking on a tight rope.

To protect business continuity, methodologies for planning, assessment and verification must be implemented throughout the firewall change process. To enforce policies, as many processes as possible should be audited. To prevent service disruptions, real-time monitoring, analysis and alerting are crucial.

The Tufin Orchestration Suite for Business Continuity Management

The Tufin Orchestration Suite is a comprehensive business continuity management solution for firewall policies and Access Control Lists (ACLs) that gives organizations the ability to assess, monitor, alert and audit the business continuity risk of every firewall policy change - simply and effectively. It provides a unique environment for defining and tracking application connectivity that enables teams to manage security policy from the business application perspective.

Learn more about Tufin products for business continuity management:

  • Tufin SecureTrack™: Simulate and assess change impact, track and record all changes, receive compliance alerts in real time, and generate instant audit reports
  • Tufin SecureChange™: Automate change workflows from request through implementation and verification to enforce corporate policies
  • Tufin SecureApp™: Manage security policies top-down, from the application perspective.;