Tufin Security Suite is powered by industry-leading analysis and automation technologies including in-depth security policy analysis, comprehensive network topology intelligence, and automatic creation of firewall and router policies.

Network Topology Intelligence automatically analyzes routing tables and detects all of the devices and zones on the network.

To keep the map manageable and readable, SecureTrack displays subnets in groups, and enables you to view the routing table for each device with a single click.

Many SecureTrack and SecureChange features, including Policy Analysis and the Policy Designer, use Network Topology Intelligence to identify access paths.

SecureTrack’s Automatic Policy Generator (APG) is a powerful tool for optimizing an overly permissive security policy, or for creating a new policy for an unprotected network segment.

By analyzing a policy and its traffic logs, APG can identify the permissive rules on any firewall and provide alternatives that are more accurate.

The implications of a firewall configuration error can be severe - from a security breach to network downtime, or even a network service interruption. Use Policy Analyzer to analyze the impact of every change before it is implemented in the production environment.

Network topology discovery automatically identifies the relevant devices in a query and makes it easy to define zone-based queries. You can also define queries and reports using next-generation application and user objects.

Tufin Security Suite offers a complete solution for mission critical data centers that features high availability, database compression, and scalable, high-performance appliances.

If you need to maintain integrity between sites or business units, both SecureTrack and SecureChange provide full segregation of data, along with flexible, role-based administrator definitions that provide access control for each domain.;