Security Change Automation

SecureChange™ uses process automation to dramatically simplify and speed firewall configuration changes, while proactively enforcing corporate and regulatory security standards. Fully customizable, SecureChange automates the entire lifecycle of a security policy change request from submission through design, risk analysis, approval, implementation and audit.

SecureChange includes a customizable dashboard with a top-down view of task status, SLAs, ticket verification and more.

SecureChange gives you a full range of tools in order to analyze risk, implement and verify each task.

SecureChange lets you define SLAs for every stage of the process and to automatically verify completion.

SecureChange makes it easy for business and technical users to request network access without knowledge of the network topology.

SecureChange provides many tools to help you define access easily and accurately including look-up of available objects, DNS, services and more.

SecureChange verifies the implementation of every request before asking the requestor to confirm that it meets requirements.

SecureChange enables you to quickly define workflows with a graphical editor – no coding required.

You can define as many unique workflows as you need.

You can create complex workflows that include conditional assignments and approvals.

SecureChange automatically performs risk analysis at the click of a button – before the access is granted.

The Policy Designer analyzes your rule bases and ACLs and proposes the optimal change to minimize risk.

Automatic ticket verification ensures that the required access was implemented.

The Policy Designer analyzes rule bases and ACLs and proposes the optimal change to enable access.

SecureChange automatically executes changes on firewall security policies to save time and ensure accuracy.

Policy Designer uses Network Topology Intelligence to analyze the optimal access path.

SecureChange includes a robust API for integration with BMC Remedy and other ticketing systems.

SecureChange Basic is provided - at no additional charge - for all SecureTrack customers. It features out-of-the-box change automation workflows, and includes all of the powerful security intelligence features of SecureChange.;