The Tufin Orchestration Suite™ -
Security Policy Orchestration across Physical Networks & Hybrid Cloud Environments

The Network Security Challenge

In today’s world, enterprises face considerably more network security challenges than ever before. Sophisticated cyberattacks regularly appear in top news headlines. Networks have become progressively complex and require constant change. Security teams need to address ongoing modernization and business operation’s needs: supporting the applications teams, migrating data centers, troubleshooting connectivity problems, preparing for audits and more. And, in addition, plans for IT transformation initiatives, such as virtualization, cloud and SDN, are being rolled out.

Undoubtedly, these challenges are tough even for the most capable of IT security teams. So how can IT organizations keep up with these real challenges?

The Tufin Orchestration Suite Solution

The Tufin Orchestration Suite™ is a comprehensive solution for network security management providing visibility, change tracking, analysis and auditing for firewall policies, network devices and cloud platforms. It also provides automatic firewall change management and application connectivity management. It assures a tight security posture, rapid service delivery and regulatory compliance across all enterprise platforms.



  • Provide security managers with a single pane of glass for managing security policies across network firewalls, private cloud and public cloud
  • Improve security, compliance and business agility through firewall change automation
  • Optimize security policies
  • Reduce attack surface for mitigation of cyber threats
  • Assure business continuity by minimizing network and application downtime
  • Enable continuous compliance with enterprise and industry regulations 

Tufin Orchestration Suite diagram

Tufin Orchestration Suite - Orchestrate security policies across cloud & physical environments


Tufin Orchestration Suite provides multi-vendor device support for leading enterprises networks--in finance, telecom, energy and utilities, healthcare, retail, education, government, manufacturing transportation and auditing. Tufin’s Technology Alliance involves close partnership with industry leaders to provide seamless integration of the award-winning Tufin Orchestration Suite with their solutions.  



Security & Compliance

Central Security Policy Management across Physical and Software-Defined Data Centers and Cloud Platforms

In today’s complex, heterogeneous IT environment, it is essential to have a central security policy view across all platforms, physical, virtual and cloud. The Tufin Orchestration Suite supports all major enterprise firewalls and next-generation firewalls (NGFW) as well as networking devices such as switches, routers and load-balancers. It also supports Software-Defined Data Centers (SDDC) and the leading cloud platforms. It gives you the ability to control and manage the security policy across all of these platforms through a single pane of glass.

Tufin tracks all policy and networking changes across all platforms providing an accurate and up-to-date view of security across the network. Tufin provides policy optimization recommendations and advanced tools for network and security operations teams.

 Single Pane Of Glass For Managing Network Security
Single pane of glass for managing network security


Continuous Compliance and Audit Readiness

The Tufin Orchestration Suite enables organizations to achieve continuous compliance with corporate policies and regulatory standards such as SOX, PCI DSS, HIPAA and NERC CIP. Tufin allows you to define your PCI zones and cyber assets, and to instantly generate compliance reports that map specific requirements to your actual firewall rules, including supporting evidence of secure configurations and business justification. Tufin also provides recommended mitigations and exception management where needed.

An automated audit trail and customizable workflows enable compliance with change management frameworks, such as ITIL, COBIT and ISO 27001.

Tufin checks every access request and every security policy change against compliance policies before approval and after implementation. The compliance dashboard shows the current status and generates customizable reports, drastically reducing audit preparation times. 

 Customizable PCI DSS Compliance Report For Audit Readiness 600
Customizable PCS DSS compliance report for audit readiness


Software-Defined Data Centers and Cloud Security

Private, public and hybrid cloud technologies are already widely adopted by over 75% of enterprises. Security experts are being required to implement proper processes and methods to ensure that these new platforms do not expose their business to cyber risks.

The Tufin Orchestration Suite manages traditional firewalls and next-generation firewalls deployed on premise, alongside security groups and instances of your chosen hybrid cloud service providers, such as VMWare NSX, AWS and OpenStack. With Tufin, you can simplify, automate, and ensure consistent security and compliance across the entire enterprise using a single console.


Policy Optimization, Network Segmentation and Reduced Attack Surface

Many of the recent high profile cyber breaches have exploited an overly permissive network to achieve lateral movement and gain access to their targets. A tightly segmented network can avoid movement and isolate many of these attacks. Firewalls at the perimeter as well as internal firewalls should be configured to restrict and secure business connectivity by creating network segments, security zones and micro-segmentation where possible.

Tufin enables a reduced attack surface by optimizing firewall policies. It identifies unused, shadowed, unattached and expired rules and objects that can be removed without disrupting business. It also highlights rules that are risky, violating zone segmentation policies or inconsistent with best practices.

Tufin's Unified Security Policy™ empowers network and IT security teams to effectively manage network segmentation through a central zone-based security policy which can be applied over the entire network and across all platforms.

 Zone Based Unified Security Policy 600
Zone-based Unified Security Policy


Network & Security Change Automation

Network Topology

Most enterprise networks have accumulated complexity due to multiple iterations of technology upgrades and application evolution. Security teams must have a clear understanding of the network topology in order to operate their networks securely and smoothly.

The Tufin Orchestration Suite automatically maps the entire network and constructs a logical model that can be used to accurately plan and implement changes and assess risk.

Tufin's network topology mapping supports all common routing technologies such as static and dynamic routing, VRFs and MPLS, NAT, IPsec, load-balancing, virtual networking and more. The interactive map is updated automatically for viewing and analyzing the network as well as exporting to PDF, PNG and Visio formats.

 Network Topology Map 600
Network topology map


Firewall Change Automation  

Firewall operations teams spend a large part of their time making changes to firewall policies, rules and ACLs — generally from tens up to thousands of changes a week.

The Tufin Orchestration Suite slashes change handling times by automating the process end-to-end. Network engineers and application architects can submit their change requests through a simple web interface and rely on Tufin to assess the risk and implement the changes accurately across firewalls. Tufin change automation relies on the network topology map to identify the relevant firewalls. It then analyzes their policies to determine if a change is needed and, if so, it designs the optimal change taking into account the policy structure and the vendor's specific rule matching logic. Tufin allows the administrator to review changes and implement them with a single click. After each change is made, the Tufin Orchestration Suite verifies that it fulfills the original request and documents it automatically.


Application Connectivity

Application-Connectivity Management

Applications are the nucleus of the modern enterprise – in some cases they are business enablers but more and more they are evolving in importance to be the business itself. Yet, applications are also heavily dependent on IT, networking and security for smooth operations. How can modern enterprise ensure that their applications are properly connected at all times?

The Tufin Orchestration Suite enables IT organizations to provide automated network and application connectivity services in a structured, efficient and traceable fashion. It provides a streamlined service automation framework that starts with the initial request and continues through provisioning and management. As a standalone, or through integration with ITSM systems, the Tufin Orchestration Suite offers a number of ways to request access that suit the role and expertise of the requestor – from non-technical users to various technical users, such as application developers, network and security engineers.  



Interoperability with IT Service Management, ticketing and other 3rd party systems

The Tufin Orchestration Suite integrates with the leading ITSM systems: BMC Remedy, ServiceNow, CA Service Desk and HP Service Manager to manage the firewall change process as part of the wider enterprise change management scope. You can seamlessly integrate network security changes into your IT operations management processes while benefitting from the deep security and network technologies that increase productivity and accuracy. Additional integrations are possible through Tufin's RESTful API framework.  

What Are Your Enterprise Needs?

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