Firewall Operations, Auditing and Compliance

Tufin SecureTrack™ gives you the visibility and control you need in order to prevent and remediate risks, optimize rulebases and ACLs, and achieve continuous compliance with standards. SecureTrack slashes the time wasted on repetitive, manual work so that you can finally focus on network security.

The SecureTrack dashboard gives you an up-to-date picture of outstanding risks, the latest changes to firewall policies, and rules and objects that need clean-up or optimization. Drill down for more information and remediation.

SecureTrack enables you to centrally manage all of your firewalls, routers, switches and IPS from all of the leading vendors.

With SecureTrack, you can track, analyze, report and audit on network-layer and next generation firewalls.

With SecureTrack, you can immediately assess all of the latest changes to any firewall policy or ACL.

SecureTrack tracks all changes in real time and generates a complete audit trail with full personal accountability.

SecureTrack goes beyond firewall policy monitoring to also track configuration changes to the operating system.

SecureTrack’s Risk browser gives you an up-to-the minute picture of firewall risks so you can act immediately.

Before implementing access rules, simulate the path between any source and destination with the powerful Policy Analyzer and Network Topology Intelligence.

The customizable Security Risk Report lists your current score, historical trends, and risks to address.

With SecureTrack’s Clean-up browser, you always know about unused rules and objects.

The Rule and Object Usage report enables you to eliminate rule shadowing and create smaller, cleaner firewall policies.

SecureTrack’s Rule Documentation and Recertification helps you keep rule bases up to date and justified.

SecureTrack continually analyzes changes for compliance with your corporate security policy and with PCI DSS.

You can create custom compliance policies or use an industry standard.

SecureTrack maintains a complete audit trail with full personal accountability for every change.

SecureTrack automatically generates audit reports that support standards including PCI DSS, NERC and SOX.

The Cisco Device Configuration report checks the most common settings for firewalls and routers.

You can check your compliance with the industry’s best practices with SecureTrack's automatic report.;