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    Challenging the IT team to benefit from virtual networks - ensure agility and security

    Ofer Or

    Wednesday October 29, 2014

    The benefits of making the move from physical to software defined networking technologies are well documented. During our most recent webinar we ran a poll to find out how many organisations have plans to adopt software-defined data centers (SDDC). It may be surprising to some to learn that 60 percent...

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    Secured virtual data centers become a reality

    Ofer Or

    Wednesday September 17, 2014

    We recently announced a ground breaking partnership with VMware. It’s set to change the enterprise security landscape significantly by allowing, for the first time, automation and visibility that significantly reduces the management burden of a micro-segmentation, across both physical and virtual networks.

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    A Brave New VMworld

    Ofer Or

    Thursday September 11, 2014

    With over 20,000 visitors, 250 exhibitors, three buildings, five days, it’s safe to say my recent visit to VMworld in San Francisco (as part of the Tufin team) was nothing if not busy! 

    A hugely successful event, the virtualization ‘buzz’ lasted from show start to show finish. In among the highlights at the show were divisions such as VMWare’s End User Computing (EUC) which generated great interest and showcased a range of virtual desktops (Horizon), mobile device management (AirWatch) and desktop virtualization software. This makes sense with the shift to mobile currently taking the IT industry by storm...

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    Enterprise Network Segmentation: Divide and Rule in 4 easy steps

    Maya Malevich

    Tuesday September 2, 2014

    Advanced cyber-attacks like Ke3chang have exploded the myth that firewall security can prevent attacks. Ke3chang used phishing emails to initially gain access to high-profile government and private-sector IT networks and then move throughout the network to gain access to private data. Whilst network segmentation couldn’t have prevented the attack, it could have limited its spread.

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    How Orchestration Ensures Network Security in an Agile IT Environment

    Reuven Harrison

    Thursday August 14, 2014

    Intelligent automation closes the gap between inefficient network security processes and the fast-changing IT environment.
    IT is facing profound change, which is being accelerated with the introduction of cloud computing platforms and “software-defined” technologies...;