Risk Management

  • Visibility of Network Segmentation
  • Change Simulation
  • Risk & Violation Reports


The Challenge

Continuous Risk Assessment

The implications of a firewall configuration error can be severe – from a compliance breach to network downtime to unnecessary network exposure. It is essential to be able to assess your risk posture at any time, and to analyze the impact of every change before it is implemented in the production environment.

The Solution

A Rich Toolset for Risk Analysis

Tufin’s dashboard enables you to see your overall risk posture and drill down to individual risk factors such as overly permissive rules or rules that allow traffic from an unsecured network zone. Using Network Topology Intelligence and Permissive Rule Analysis technologies, Tufin automatically identifies risks after every policy change.

To manage risk and ensure business continuity, Tufin offers a number of powerful features:

  • Unified Security Policy: Tufin enables you to visualize your network segmentation based on pre-defined security policies and easily understand your zone to zone mapping. It automatically compares every access request to the policy and sends out a real-time alert in case of a violation. To better control risks, violations and exceptions are managed and monitored centrally for continuous assessment.
  • Change Simulation: Before implementing a change, Tufin simulates access paths and to identify possible conflicts or violations. Network Topology Intelligence automatically identifies the relevant devices in a query.
  • Reports: The Security Risk Report instantly evaluates the current risk level, the trend,  and a prioritized list of risk factors. To determine the security risk, the report uses your compliance policies as well as a group of pre-defined risk factors culled from leading industry standards. In addition, the Violations Report gives a central view of all violations across network zones based on level of criticality. The report allows you to drill down for root-cause analysis and rapid remediation.