Managed Security Service Providers

Providing network security for enterprises of all sizes has become a complex and time-consuming task. More and more, it is being outsourced to experts who provide security infrastructure and management as a service. With Tufin, MSSPs can stand out from the crowd and improve operational efficiency:

  • Serve more customers with fewer resources
  • Provide value-added services
  • Retain customers with better visibility and communication
  • Lead the market and differentiate from the competition
  • Enhance network security
  • Demonstrate compliance with corporate and regulatory standards
  • Produce customized audit reports for PCI and other standards


The Challenge of Security Service Management

Service Providers are now a critical part of the network security landscape. Like all organizations, they need to manage complex network operations over distributed sites. But all enterprise challenges are exponentially magnified for service providers.

In order to provide high quality to more customers, while keeping costs under control, service providers need to eliminate routine, manual tasks and automate their network security policy management processes.  To maintain their reputation, they must ensure the highest degree of network security by proactively managing risk and ensuring continuous compliance with policies.  They must maintain transparency by providing visibility to customers, along with thorough audit reports on demand. As the landscape grows ever more competitive, service providers are also looking for ways to differentiate from the competition with additional, value-added services.

Tufin Orchestration Suite™ for Managed Service Providers

With Tufin, MSSPs can offer unique, high-value services such as corporate security audits and continuous compliance. In addition, with a variety of process automation and productivity tools, Tufin enables MSSPs to handle more customers with fewer resources. Tufin Security Suite for MSSPs features:

  • Firewall and Network Security Operations: Tufin's central management platform automates daily operations tasks for multiple customers including change tracking, security policy analysis, automatic policy generation and rule base optimization.
  • Auditing and Compliance: As a value-added service, MSSPs can provide automated compliance audits to assure that corporate and regulatory standards are being met. To reduce audit preparation times, Tufin maintains a continuous audit trail for every customer along with customizable, out-of-the box reports.
  • Security Change Automation: By automating the security change request process, service providers can dramatically improve efficiency and enforce each organization's unique change policies. Tufin provides unlimited, customizable workflow templates.
  • Multi-Tenant Management: To provide quality service for customers, Tufin provides multi-tenancy features and a robust, scalable infrastructure.

Tufin Security Suite includes special features for MSSPs:

  • Central management console: Convenient administration of multiple customers, security devices and vendors from a single console.
  • Multi-tenancy: Complete security and 100% segregation between customer domains.
  • Distributed deployment architecture: Scalable deployment of log-data collection appliances at customer sites assures scalability and performance for customers of any size and number of sites.
  • Multi-level administrator definitions: Flexible model of administration enables different types of access for managers, security administrators and customers.
  • Flexible domain definitions: Ability to define customer domains based on a variety of factors from sites to business units.
  • Reports and communications: Robust reporting and report export capabilities over FTP and other channels.
  • Branding: Branding of reports and customer communications with MSSP and customer design elements.
  • Central security change automation: Central management of all customer change requests that enforces the varying policy requirements of each organization.
  • Customized change request workflows: Ability to rapidly tailor change request workflows to meet the special needs of each customer's organizational processes

Learn more about Tufin products for MSSPs:

  • Tufin SecureTrack™: Assess and fix risks, track and manage changes, and generate instant audit reports
  • Tufin SecureChange™: Automate change workflows from request through implementation and verification
  • Tufin SecureApp™: Manage security policies top-down, from the application perspective.;