Risk Management for Firewall Policies

IT Risk management practices are crucial for network security.  Changes to network configuration are a business necessity, yet every change is a potential risk to security and business continuity. Tufin's automated Risk Management Solution enables companies to:

  • Simulate, assess and analyze risks before change implementation
  • Monitor and track every single change to policy configuration in real time
  • Maintain a complete audit trail with full accountability
  • Check every change for compliance with corporate policies
  • Receive alerts on every risky change
  • Automate the entire change workflow to enforce proactive risk analysis
  • Demonstrate compliance with regulatory standards


Managing Risk in a Dynamic Network Environment

Networks have become extremely heterogeneous and complex, with dozens of devices and multiple administrators to manage them.  Network teams field numerous change requests every day. Many of them are from users, but the majority is due to changes in application connectivity. And every change is a potential risk to security and business continuity.

At the same time, regulatory standards are requiring that all network connectivity be justified and documented.  Every change must be audited and accountable. Preparing for and passing audits has become a serious drain on time and resources.

Risk management methodologies must be employed both for planning and implementing network connectivity changes.  Given the complexity of the environment, only an automated solution can continuously monitor and identify risks in real time.

Tufin Security Suite for Risk Management

Tufin Security Suite is a comprehensive risk management solution for firewall policies and Access Control Lists (ACLs) that gives organizations the ability to assess, monitor, alert and audit the risk of every firewall policy change - simply and effectively.

Learn more about Tufin products for risk management:

  • Tufin SecureTrack™: Simulate and assess change impact, track and record all changes, receive compliance alerts in real time, and generate instant audit reports
  • Tufin SecureChange™: Automate change workflows from request through implementation and verification to enforce corporate policies
  • Tufin SecureApp™: Manage security policies top-down, from the application perspective.;