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Security Change Automation


Keep up with the Pace of Change

SecureChange is a comprehensive solution for automating network security configuration changes to firewalls and routers. It enables IT organizations to make changes up to five times faster, while reducing the human error that can lead to network exposure and service outages.

As virtualization and cloud technologies drive accelerated application deployment, network security configuration is becoming a bottleneck to service delivery.  With SecureChange, organizations can now achieve fully-automated data centers and cloud instances.

IT Automation for Network Security Changes

SecureChange automates design, provisioning and verification of security configuration changes. With a combination of business process automation and in-depth security and risk analysis, SecureChange delivers the benefits of IT automation for security operations – minimizing manual, repetitive tasks while driving operational efficiency.

SecureChange is designed to make changes easier, and more accurate, for everybody involved – from the person submitting the request, to the manager who has to approve, and especially for network and security professionals. SecureChange is flexible enough to set up any IT process and combines an easy-to-use web interface with automated analysis to simplify the many steps involved in a network security change.

Automation with Control

With SecureChange, you can enjoy automation with control, meaning you can decide on the level of automation that your organization needs. And at each stage of the process you can intervene to review, change or overrule a step in the process. For instance you can automatically analyze the network path of a specific change, automatically simulate risk before the change is made on the network, automatically send a design cookbook to the network ops of how the change should be implemented and then finally decide whether to provision that change manually or automatically.

Vendor-Neutral Change Processes

Most large organizations manage more than one type and brand of firewall and router, putting the burden on network teams to acquire expertise in multiple systems and to integrate each of them with management systems. SecureChange eliminates this complexity by providing a uniform interface for managing access changes across all leading enterprise firewalls and routers.

  • Video Demo: Network Security Policy Orchestration and Automation

Video Demo: Network Security Policy Orchestration and Automation