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Securing cloud environments and Kubernetes clusters manually is an impossible task. In fact, Gartner’s recent research concluded that 99% of security failures in the cloud are due to end-user configuration errors.  It’s no wonder why so many are looking for Azure Kubernetes security solutions.

Unite your security, DevOps, cloud & app teams with the cloud-native SecureCloud platform.  Never compromise agility for security. Take control of your security posture for Azure container registry & other instances with this free trial today!

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SecureCloud Benefits

  • Visibility into Cloud Security Posture, including CIS Benchmarks, across public assets and Kubernetes clusters
  • Establish Security Guardrails - discover, define, auto-generate using native cloud policy controls, to segment and microsegment (Zero Trust)
  • Continuous Compliance - DevOps automation integration (CI/CD pipelines), security and operations alerts and dashboards
  • Without compromise – No agents to install, no applications needed, no impact to development productivity, and all while retaining the business benefits of cloud platforms.

30 Day Trial Offer

Try our trial program to check out SecureCloud’s newest features and start securing your cloud-native and hybrid cloud environments. In 30 days, you’ll journey through the following phases to secure the cloud:

  • Phase 1: Cloud Security Posture Visibility
  • Phase 2: Establishing Security Policy guardrails
  • Phase 3: Continuous Compliance with Automation Processes

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