Cloud Security Assessment.

Watch 1 Minute Overview

Securing multi and hybrid cloud environments continues to be the biggest challenge for IT and Security leaders. But it doesn’t have to be. With Tufin Secure Cloud you’ll discover misconfigurations, hidden risks, and assets currently exposed to attackers. Watch this video to learn more. 

Get A Cloud Security Assessment In Minutes

SecureCloud analyzes public cloud and Kubernetes environments, without the need for complex agents or code changes. It takes less than 10 minutes to discover:

  • CIS Benchmark compliance – improve security posture through industry standard best practices.
  • Overly permissive rules – a leading cause of security breaches.
  • Risky ports – unexpected access points that need to be closed up.
  • Vulnerable and privileged containers – often overlooked settings attackers use to gain root access.

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A Practical Guide to Security

The shift to hybrid cloud often makes it more difficult to measure and manage the security of critical resources without slowing business agility. To achieve a better balance, IT leaders need new a deeper understanding of cloud environments and a strategy for modernizing the organization’s approach to security policy. This guide explores the factors leading to security struggles, five major roadblocks, and methods to address these challenges.