Analyst Insight: Top Cloud Security Challenges & Tips

Watch Andras Cser, VP & Principal Analyst Security and Risk Management, Forrester Research, discuss the challenges of managing container and Kubernetes security, controls needed, and best practices.

Cloud Security Assessment in Minutes

Tufin SecureCloud secures Kubernetes deployments by leveraging Kubernetes-native capabilities with policy-driven controls to deliver real-time, intuitive visibility into running clusters and pods, automated segmentation policy, and runtime protection.

With Tufin SecureCloud, you can:

  • Automatically discover and map out Kubernetes clusters and network connections
  • Generate and manage micro-segmentation policy
  • Detect and alert on policy violations (e.g. permissive access, risky ports, privileged containers, vulnerable containers)
  • View actionable mitigation information for detected violations
  • Automate network security checks (e.g. CIS benchmark testing) into the DevOps CI/CD pipeline

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