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Tufin Orca Security Automation for Containers and Microservices

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Tufin Orca provides cloud-based, security automation for container and microservice environments. From vulnerability scanning and compliance validation during every CI/CD cycle, to identifying risks at runtime and taking policy-based action, Tufin Orca shields applications from constantly evolving threats.

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Why Tufin Orca

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Visibility & Control

View all services, containers, connections and policies, and make real-time configuration changes

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Continuous Compliance

Detect and resolve policy validation errors during development and enforce compliance at runtime

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Vulnerability Scanning

Identify and protect against container vulnerabilities in both development and deployment stages

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Minimize Attack Surface

Protect network traffic and limit breach expansion with automated microsegmentation and encryption

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Adaptive Security

Automate risk monitoring and anomaly detection, as Orca takes policy-based action to shield applications

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Customizable Services

Integrate 3rd party notification and security services for custom protection using Orca’s open API

How Tufin Orca fits in the
Tufin portfolio

A continuum from the macro to the micro

Tufin is the leading provider of security policy orchestration across complex, physical and hybrid cloud environments. Orca extends the Tufin platform to deliver trusted security automation to microservices.

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  • Currently using a Kubernetes platform
  • Willing to regularly provide feedback
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  • Direct influence on product features
  • High priority issue resolution and support at no cost
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