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Last updated February 15th, 2023 by Colby Dyess

When SecureCloud officially launched earlier this year, it instantly enabled customers to gain visibility of their security posture across their multi and hybrid cloud workloads. Since then SecureCloud has analyzed hundreds of cloud accounts; detecting risks within 10s of millions network connections to help users identify and remediate misconfigurations. This week we’ve extended that visibility into the cloud infrastructure itself.

SecureCloud’s newest release announced today, now has provides CIS Benchmarks reports for public cloud. The Center for Internet Security (CIS) is a community of cyber security experts who have defined a set of globally recognized best practices for securing IT systems and data. These best practices have been codified into platform-specific rules and guidelines spanning hundreds of pages.

Now, SecureCloud automatically analyzes public cloud accounts to ensure continuous compliance with CIS Benchmarks. Results are displayed in the SecureCloud dashboard, where users can easily monitor the overall hybrid-cloud security posture; and access to specific risks and compliance issues are just a couple clicks away. Each test result describes what failed, why it failed, and what action needs to be taken to remediate the issue.

The benchmarks currently support AWS and Azure cloud platforms as well as managed (EKS, GKE, GKE) including Redhat OpenShift.

CIS benchmark

Obviously, these reports will help organizations new to cloud, but cloud security is incredibly complex and even the cloud-nativists are likely to discover risks that were previously hidden.

We invite you to try SecureCloud for yourself and have even launched a new 30 day trial program to accelerate your path success. Use the link below to sign up for your free account today:



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