Mark Wellins

October 6, 2016, Mark Wellins
The number of pseudo-business posts on a certain social media platform is seriously annoying. Every time I see one, another bright idea withers and dies.  This bee has been in my bonnet for a while and, based on my interactions with customers, I see a takeaway for us network security professionals.
September 9, 2016, Mark Wellins
When this dream comes true, there will be no shortage of people working over-time to become the best of the best in their chosen career. Without further ado, I present the characteristics IT Madman expects Enterprise Software to adopt.
August 17, 2016, Mark Wellins
All around us we have an incredible amount of technology-driven automation, absolutely taken for granted. We do not notice how reliant we are, until it goes wrong and affects us.
July 28, 2016, Mark Wellins
Businesses today live and die by the services they provide – which are supported and often delivered by an eclectic group of people who collectively make up the IT Department, or Information Systems, or similar.
July 10, 2016, Mark Wellins
The worst mistakes are when common sense goes out the window – that is usually when 'The Mistaken One' is relying on technology and forgot to engage common sense
June 22, 2016, Mark Wellins
On paper, the monetary benefits that can be achieved by outsourcing daily repetitive tasks look incredible. Payroll, office space (great movie, but not what I mean), equipment, to name a few of the obvious ones.
June 2, 2016, Mark Wellins
As consumers, we enjoy the convenience of the quick fix society (or Band-Aid as Covey refers to it) that we find ourselves living in. Who doesn't enjoy one click shopping, e-tickets (no paper, no waiting)...