April 10, 2019, Karen Crowley
A unified, comprehensive security policy provides the foundational control for the hybrid network to bring automation and analytics to security and network operations that is severely lacking today. Organizations are adopting this approach as a strategic initiative to create a more informed, secure and efficient way to orchestrate security-related changes across enterprise networks. Here are seven reasons to adopt a policy-centric approach to security and IT operations.
April 3, 2019, Karen Crowley
As networks grow more and more complex, who on your team has the visibility needed to quickly identify and fix problems? Learn how can you reduce connectivity issues by unifying your security policy across your entire environment.
March 22, 2019, Karen Crowley
RSA 2019 is two weeks old and now that we have had time to digest, the planning for 2020 begins. Here's what we learned that will help you in your roles in the coming year.
March 18, 2019, Karen Crowley
Organizations are struggling to hire top talent for security roles. Recent research finding that 59% of companies are at moderate or extreme risk of cybersecurity attacks due to this shortfall. Here are several ideas to combat this problem.
February 21, 2019, Karen Crowley
Here are the top five reasons to eliminate manual network change processes and how automation can eliminate the need for manual changes.
June 27, 2018, Karen Crowley
Our second annual Tufinnovate EMEA conference took place this week in Barcelona. We were excited to spend time with so many great customers and partners, and see some new and familiar faces.
May 15, 2018, Karen Crowley
“Market Guide for Network Automation”- Gartner describes network automation management and points to network automation software/tools as the most strategic networking investment organizations are planning in 2018.
October 19, 2017, Karen Crowley
Tufinnovate EMEA, Tufin's first European user conference, kicked off with a day full of training sessions for Tufin customers and partners.
October 5, 2017, Karen Crowley
Firewall best practices include the challenge of server decommissioning. Learn how automation can help the server decommissioning process.
September 14, 2017, Karen Crowley
Firewall automation is needed to provide firewall administrators with more time to perform higher level functions to increase overall security.