Joe Schreiber

June 11, 2018, Joe Schreiber
As of today, Tufin is proud to announce the release of SecureMigrate: ASA to Firepower. Our technical partnership spans over ten years and includes ongoing support for Cisco’s NGFW product Firepower and established support for ASA. This, combined with Tufin’s network visibility and automation technology, makes us the ideal partner to co-develop an innovative solution to deliver ASA to Firepower migrations. Tufin’s policy search and enrichment capabilities are coupled with an API-to-API integration for a seamless policy migration process.
November 6, 2017, Joe Schreiber
Bad Rabbit borrows from prior ransomware attack Nyetya. Initially spread through drive-by downloads marketed as an Adobe Flash update from compromised websites. Bad Rabbit encrypts the end user’s hard drive, demanding a payment of bitcoin through a Tor site.
May 5, 2017, Joe Schreiber
As we celebrate World Password Day, let's take another look at the use and abuse of passwords, and some alternatives to the traditional password.