Ellen Fischl-Bodner

October 20, 2016, Ellen Fischl-Bodner
Major changes are coming to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) when version 3.1 is retired on October 31, 2016. After this date, all validations must be to PCI DSS version 3.2 or later.
June 7, 2016, Ellen Fischl-Bodner
More countries are using Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) V5 Cyber Security Standard Version 5 as a reference standard to bolster network security for their power grids, for example, in Australia, Brazil, Russia and others.
March 10, 2016, Ellen Fischl-Bodner
On the plane trip to the annual RSA Conference I watched the documentary “Batkid Begins” which also takes place in San Francisco.