Product Environment


Delivery Platforms

Tufin products are available in three form factors:

  • Appliance based installation:
  • Software or VMware* installation:
    • CPU: 4 or more CPU cores
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM or higher
    • Hard Drive: 300 GB or higher
    • Operating System: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, CentOS 5, CentOS 6, TufinOS

* VMware installations are supported on 32bit or 64bit versions of VMware Workstation, Player, Server, ESX, and ESXi


Scalable Deployment and Management for Large Enterprises and Managed Service Providers

Tufin offers a reliable, scalable platform for central management of large or geographically distributed data centers, or multiple customers:

  • Distributed deployment architecture offers unlimited scalability for managing network devices in a single large data center and/or at multiple remote locations across LAN or slow WAN/VPN links. Learn more about Product Delivery and enterprise readiness and Tufin's solution for enterprises.
  • High Availability features continuous synchronization between the primary and secondary server and an orderly failover process. The secondary server can be deployed either locally or in a geographically remote data center.
  • Efficient Database Administration: Compression up to 24x makes Tufin Security Suite convenient to backup, restore and administer.
  • Multi-domain/multi-tenancy support features full segregation of data for large enterprises that need to manage multiple data centers or business units, or MSSPs that need to manage many customers.
  • Flexible, role-based administrator definitions provide access control for each domain. At the same time, the ability to create shared reports and analysis queries delivers maximum convenience for administrators.;