Application Connectivity Management

Network security teams spend a tremendous amount of time on activities related to application connectivity: deploying new applications, updating access to servers and other components, decommissioning applications, and diagnosing connectivity problems.  As application owners generally don't "speak firewall," there are frequent misunderstandings that can lead to errors, wasted time, and even service disruptions. When things go wrong, both the application and security teams lack visibility into the correlation between the firewall policies and the application, resulting in longer problem resolution times. In today's business climate, delays and downtime are unacceptable.

A Paradigm Shift in Firewall Policy Management

SecureApp™ is a completely new approach to managing application connectivity that separates the business requirements from the underlying firewall and router policies. With SecureApp, security professionals can easily define, update, monitor and remove applications - without analyzing long lists of access rules on multiple firewalls and routers. It provides unprecedented insight into an application's connectivity needs so you can accelerate service delivery, assure business continuity, simplify network operations and monitor compliance.


An Integral Part of the Tufin Security Suite

SecureApp makes it simple to define applications and their requirements from the network. When an application is deployed or modified, SecureApp works with SecureChange to translate the application requirements into firewall and router policy rules. After the rule changes are implemented, it works with SecureTrack to continuously monitor the application's connectivity status and alert to changes that could impact availability. When it is time to decommission an application, SecureApp automatically identifies the policy rules that need to be changed or removed across all affected firewalls and routers, eliminating unneeded access that can lead to a security breach.

The Bridge to Application Teams and IT Security Auditors

With an intuitive user interface, SecureApp finally makes it possible for application teams and network teams to communicate accurately, eliminating the misunderstandings that lead to errors and wasted time. For IT security auditors, SecureApp provides the business justification for network connectivity rules that is required by PCI DSS and other regulatory standards, eliminating days of painstaking audit preparation.;